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Bossy Buns

My name is Chef Korina! I am a baker with a huge passion for the pastry life!


I was born in Austin, Texas in 1981.  The name BIDA comes from my childhood nickname, Bidda.​  


I’ve been working in kitchens for 25 years. I  started my career path as a cake decorator and bakery manager. Most of my early career I was working as many jobs as I could, training in assorted bakeries all over Chicago.  

 I graduated from The French Pastry School in Chicago in 2008.

 After pastry school I started teaching myself how to develop delicious recipes.  I learned the most about recipe development was from my work on cake and cinnamon buns.  My love for creating efficient kitchen procedures & successful production took me to positions as executive pastry chef. chef consultant, chef instructor, and business owner.  My goal is to continue contributing to the vegan community with delicious dessert and pastry education.


I've been vegetarian since childhood and went full vegan a few years ago. Being vegan allows me to enjoy food and health products that are totally free of animal cruelty. I see the need for delicious desserts for people like me all the time. I created BIDA to provide a service of happiness to the community.


 I respect that desserts are a special treat which is why I use the very best ingredients including organic vegan sugars and all natural flavors.  My baking style is all about nostalgic classic flavors, elegantly simple design, with inspiration from American & Latin desserts.

BIDA desserts are 100% vegan friendly. ​


Chefs who inspire me:

Anthony Bourdain, Ina Garten, Rose Beranbaum, Christina Tosi, Stella Parks, Dorie Greenspan,    

Rick Bayless, & Mindy Segal. ​

Favorite Desserts:  Baklava, Strawberry Shortcake, & Tiramisu​

Come take a class with me!I currently teach vegetarian & vegan baking classes at Wilton in Woodridge,IL.​ 

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