About BIDA

BIDA believes Baking Is Delicious Art!  

 This journey started with a passion for the pastry life and a love for bonding with the kitchen. Founded by Pastry Chef Korine Adams,

BIDA was created to serve the community with fresh, local, vegan desserts.

BIDA Baking Co. is a small business providing dessert pop-ups and event services to Kane county & surrounding areas.  


BIDA operates in a private home kitchen with a Cottage Food License.  You can enjoy BIDA's delicious menus at the Downtown Elgin Farmers Market during the summer season, and special holiday delivery services throughout the year.

 BIDA also provides pastry chef consulting and vegan/vegetarian menu development services. 

Every sale made goes towards the evolution and growth of BIDA's small business and big dreams! 


If you are interested in special event catering or dessert consulting, please contact us here!

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